Top 25 Denver Recordings of 2008

December 15, 2008

These are some of our favorite local tracks from 2008 (with two technically being released at the beginning of next year). Hopefully we’ll receive some good hate mail about how bad our taste is (to which end, we will ask you to bend over while we tell you what you ate for dinner last night). Please, by all means: send it along. We’ll set it on the mantle with the other letters. And laugh.

Once again, we had a pretty stellar music year in Denver and around the Queen City. This list testifies to that:

1. (die) Pilot: “Walk to the Sun”

2. Josephine and the Mousepeople: “She Needs Fire”

3. Natural Selection: “15 up to Colfax”

4. Young Coyotes: “When I Was in the Fire”

5. Park Pourbaix: “Holding Out”

6. Liz Forster: “Away”

7. Swayback: “Just Like the Old Days”

8. Hello Kavita: “Silent Bed”

9. Everything Absent or Distorted: “Aquariums”

10. Reed Foehl: “St. John Smith Square”

11. 3oh!3: “Don’t Trust Me”

12. Achille Lauro: “Put Your Guns Away”

13. Rachael Pollard: “Crazy for You”

14. Rowboat: “Better This Way”

15. Mike Marchant: “Lower Downtown Curses”

16. Ghost Dance Society: “Shadows in my Room”

17. Joseph Pope III: “Expatriot”

18. Bela Karoli: “String of Lights”

19. Dan Craig: “Further to Fall”

20. Wentworth Kersey: “Breakdown”

21. The Rouge: “What You Get”

22. The Knew: “Piece of Mind”

23. Britt Rodemich: “Castle”

24. The Still City: Sleepwalkers for Life”

25. d.biddle: “Laughter”


2 Responses to “Top 25 Denver Recordings of 2008”

  1. dankaufman! Says:

    2 things:

    (1) you do realize that Wovenhand released a new album this year, right?

    (2) the best song by a denver band in 2008 is “Black Sails” by d. biddle.

    all the best to you and yours,


  2. Rachael Pollard Says:

    What a great list! Thank you for putting me on it. Love, rachael p

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