Ghosts of the Queen City

April 24, 2009

“Denver is a square, proud, prompt little place, surrounded by immensity.”–Demas Barnes (Denver visitor, 1865)

Denver has a rich history, a haunted history, and at times – a nearly invisible history. Many are unaware of the men and women that served as histories characters in the formation of the city: William Green Russell, John H. Gregory, William Jackson, William Byers, Soapy Smith, Colonel John Chivington, Silas Soule, Horace Tabor, Mamie Eisenhower – for these names are primarily of the nineteenth century.

However, natives may remember some of the dead establishments of the Queen City: Muddy’s Coffeehouse, City Spirit Cafe, the old Skylark, Celebrity Sports Center and Cooper Theater, the old viaducts that pocked the city.

If the history of Denver intrigues you, several notable local contributors have collaborated and put together a great blog called Buck Fifty:


2 Responses to “Ghosts of the Queen City”

  1. Jeff Smith Says:

    Hello Denver syntax.

    I wish to introduce my blog to you and your Denver history fans. It is based on my great grandfather, “Soapy” Smith. I call it Soapy Smith’s Soap Box and my name below should link to it. Let me know what you think.

  2. Alma Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. As a native, I’m in love with Denver history–actually developed a Web site at one point for a design class that meshed different stories I’d researched with modern day images. I had an insanely good time traipsing around the city with my camera. Unfortunately, I never relaunched the site when I closed my hosting account. Funnily enough, I believe the author of the latest posting on the site you mentioned is the man they named my elementary school after.

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