Indefatigable and Completely Nuts

April 26, 2010

Jure Robic is crazy, profoundly insane – during the endurance cycling races he engages in. He partakes in 2,500 mile races. 3,000 mile races. He sleeps less than 90 minutes a day during these races. And, he’s really, really good at it. The fact that he is indefatigable and completely nuts, apparently, helps. It has been said of Jure that, “He can die on the bike and keep going.”

During these races, those closest to Jure through those thousand mile races bear witness to this fact: Jure is crazy.

“The craziness is methodical, however, and Robic and his crew know its pattern by heart. Around Day 2 of a typical weeklong race, his speech goes staccato. By Day 3, he is belligerent and sometimes paranoid. His short-term memory vanishes, and he weeps uncontrollably. The last days are marked by hallucinations: bears, wolves and aliens prowl the roadside; asphalt cracks rearrange themselves into coded messages. Occasionally, Robic leaps from his bike to square off with shadowy figures that turn out to be mailboxes. In a 2004 race, he turned to see himself pursued by a howling band of black-bearded men on horseback.”

There’s also a Radiolab on human limits in which they profile Jure.

A fascinating read from the NY Times.


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