How and Why We Write

February 8, 2011

“I’ve never thought of writing as the mere arrangement of words on the page but as the attempted embodiment of a vision: a complex of emotions, raw experience.”
– Joyce Carol Oates

Even if I don’t enjoy somebody’s work: An artist’s process is intriguing. Valuable.

Read the whole article, with other writer’s theories and processes such as Thomas Pynchon, here at: This Recording


One Response to “How and Why We Write”

  1. Tasha Klein Says:

    ‘An artist’s process is intriguing. Valuable.’

    I have two major regrets in my life –

    1 – i sold my great grandmother’s doll.
    2 – i lost a little chap type book – it was an interview – anne sexton – in which she revealed, step by step her process, of writing a poem.


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