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February 8, 2011

We have been active in the Denver music and art scene for the last eight years. We have helped foster a healthy, growing community. We’ve put on hundreds of art and music shows and sponsored numerous other events. But mostly, we’ve just prided ourselves on creating conversation about our tremendous pool of talent here in the Queen City of the Plains.

Best Music Evangelist Award, Westword 2008:

Jonathan Bitz has an unbridled passion for local music. The mastermind behind Syntax, the well-regarded literary-arts publication, his love for the scene has resulted in much-needed exposure for such vital Denver artists as Ian Cooke, Bela Karoli, Gregory Alan Isakov and Rachael Pollard. Last spring, Bitz and the Late Jack Redell created a three-day singer-songwriter confab titled A Moveable Feast, which spotlighted these acts and other emerging artists. That led to a traveling version of Feast, as well as the like-minded Living Room series at the Meadowlark, where Bitz currently handles booking duties. The scene would be nowhere near as vibrant without tireless evangelists like Bitz.

Our songwriter showcases: The Living Room Series. We put-on 3-day 30 band shows around Denver. Here is the interview with Westword: here.

Our award-winning open stage at Meadowlark:

Last night: open stage at the Meadowlark

Meadowlark has also won multiple other awards in our independent weekly: Best Outdoor Stage, 2009. Best Intimate Performance Space, 2008.

Here’s our residency with Acts So Big Forest at Meadowlark which brought many Fort Collins’ bands to the Queen City:

The Denver Post

Here was an interview in The Onion’s AV Club:

The Onion

Hot Congress Residency, November 2010:

The Denver Post’s Reverb


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