Words that Shouldn’t Wither

February 8, 2011

Our lexicon is based on popular usage. As such, some words go out of use. As a result, they fall from their place in our lexicon’s library: the dictionary.

We think that all words should be kept around. And really, they are: you just need to look for them sometimes.

Here’s a list of 20 words that shouldn’t wither:

Lexicomane: a lover of dictionaries.

Monology: when one chatters away with or to one’s self without necessarily having anything else but one’s own company.

the sound that gas makes in your intestines when it becomes audible externally.

Polylemma: a situation where there are multiple options.

Also on the list: Nikhedonia, Metagrobolize, Hypoprosexia, Filipendulous, Agowilt, Eristic, Hebdomadal, Lethonomia, Tachyphagia, Nutation, Agastopia, Verbigeration, Chaetophorous, Pococurante, Sternutation, and Antistatis.


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