The Death of the Rocky Mountain News (1859-2009)

March 17, 2011

This is what it looks like when a newspaper shuts down. Nay, dies.

The Rocky Mountain News was Denver’s first daily paper. It was Denver’s longest-running paper. The story begins in 1859, when Denver was still an embryo, amid one of the greatest human migrations. Integrity and chance weave the tale of Argonauts and men and women that staked their entire lives on one man’s crackpot idea. That man is one of my heroes: William Newton Byers.

This is the picture of that dream’s death. Nay it was a symbolic, institution’s death. This paper was and is about an ideal, a movement in time that became the formation of a city, an identity and the push behind one of the most amazing movements of human kind: The Pikes Peak Gold Rush.

Beautiful (because of what he had), but sad (because of what we lost):


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