The Babe’s Penis

April 15, 2011

Babe Ruth loved the ladies. He also loved his cock. And while he had hundreds upon hundreds of women (lots of prostitutes and cathouses) – he only had one cock. He made sure to insert it wherever he could.

Ruth was obsessed with the penis and not merely because he was famously well-endowed. His speech was peppered with phallic allusions, such as “I can knock the penis off any ball that ever was pitched.” A large stack of mail was “as big as my penis.” When he aged he confided to Lieb, “The worst of this is that I no longer can see my penis when I stand up.” The female genitalia weren’t left out. Asked “How’s it going, Jidge?” he would response, “Pussy good, pussy good.”

from: “The House That Ruth Built”, by Robert Weintraub