A great article from The Guardian, about the widow Karen Green and the aftermath of her novelist husband David Foster Wallace and his suicide. Wallace, killed himself in 2008, in the couple’s backyard – he bound his hands together and hanged himself from a belt. Wallace’s widow speaks publicly for the first time about her struggles with her husband’s life and her profound inability to truly celebrate his work. Because of his death, it is true that Wallace has been heralded even more; even turned into a “celebrity writer dude”. Green is not comfortable with this. She is dumbfounded and heartbroken that his work became even more illuminated and even more poignant.

Still, to this day, she says, she has “a different ending (for him, for me): it’s the one where he controls his own damn poignancy, and also kisses me goodnight…”

From her new life, the perspective is not a romantic one. It is a practical one.

“I think I’m supposed to buck up and be the professional widow… and I have found that very hard. Very hard. I mean one day you are a couple living in a little house and watching The Wire box-set for the third time, and letting the dogs do their antic stuff, and then suddenly you are supposed to be functioning as the great writer’s widow. That wasn’t how we lived when David was alive. I felt about him like I would if I had been married to a sweet school teacher.”

Read the whole article here: www.guardian.co.